Internally there are 48 single-ended, twisted-pair signal lines. For high-level register access, use the In and Out methods. The VXIbus specification has a tutorial section on how to design a backplane for low noise and high signal integrity. Figure 3 shows one way you might configure communication settings. Mainframe suppliers must also provide similar information for their mainframes. With the VISA standard endorsed by more than 50 of the largest instrumentation companies in the industry including Tektronix, Hewlett-Packard, and National Instruments, VISA unifies the industry by facilitating the development of interoperable and reusable software components able to stand the test of time.

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If multiple MXI devices are daisy chained together, the total cable distance must be no more than 20 m. MXI-2 features an improved cabling scheme that uses a single double-shielded cable between all devices, and a single high-density, high-reliability pin connector per device. EMI Electromagnetic Interference The VXI specification mandates that all VXI modules must be enclosed in metal shielding to minimize the impact of both radiated emissions and susceptibility among different modules in a system.

MXI interconnects multiple labiew using a flexible cabling method labvidw to GPIB, but uses a hardware memory-mapped communication scheme that eliminates the software overhead.

This would present a problem, as bit software can not access bit software. The rest of this application note explains how to use the property pages to select the resource and communication properties, test communication, vx parse data from the instrument, as well as how to programmatically control communication through the simplified API. This needs to be done even if the option was already selected.


How can you take these benefits both now and in the future? Figure 1 shows the number of member companies in the VXI and PXI standards bodies in vdi first three years of each platform. Refer to your instrument documentation lxbview determine which message-based strings it recognizes.

Because of the VXI configuration registers, which are required for all VXI devices, the system can identify each VXI device, its type, model and manufacturer, address space, and memory requirements.

It is important to understand what Block Data Rate means to your application. Not all VXI instruments and controllers use message-based communication.

The resource name specifies the exact name and location of the VISA resource.

VXI Triggers – National Instruments

Although an embedded computer is very powerful, custom VXI computers cannot possibly keep pace with the general-purpose computer market. VXI brings the following benefits to instrumentation users: While this is a great goal, module shielding increases the cost of a VXI module — even for products that may not need it.

The VXIbus specification also has conducted-emissions and susceptibility requirements, which prevent any power supply noise from affecting the performance of a module.

An example of this is a device which acquires and processes data while the source holds a trigger line low On and stops when the source raises the trigger line high Off.

The second configuration involves a VXI-based embedded computer. Use the corresponding Out methods to write data to the specified offset, as in the following example: Which platform is best for my application? This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience.

The VXI Consortium was established in The P1 connector and the center row of the P2 connector are retained exactly as defined by the VME specification. To empty the queue of all events of the same type, use the DiscardEvents method: Block Data Rate is easy kabview vendors to specify, but often difficult for users to relate to overall system performance.


Short Tutorial on VXI

The VXIbus specification contains defined Word Serial commands so that a Commander can understand the capabilities of its Message-Based Servants and configure them to generate interrupts or signals in a particular way.

The baseline VXI vxl specifications are a mandate for interoperatibility between hardware products from different vendors.

The VXIbus specification has a tutorial section on how labvied design a backplane for low noise and high signal integrity. Register-based instruments have processor devices called registers to temporarily store data during processing. Instead, they would prefer the freedom to select the best instruments and software available from multiple vendors and have it all work together with minimal effort.

VXI Data Acquisition Configuration and Installation

VXI has more than products available. A Servant is any device in the subtree of a Commander. Each VXI device has an 8-bit logical address that specifies where its registers are located in this address space.

PCI-based desktop PCs compete with the most advanced computer workstations to provide a low-cost platform that delivers superior performance.