The Canon NU enables you to capture digitized files with high-definition efficiently and easily for preservation or processing thanks to its excellent capability for scanning plain paper in color mode. The higher the resolution, the finer the scanned image. Honeywell Xenon g 2d Barcode Scanner grey. The density of these dots is called? The lower the resolution, the more granular the scanned image.

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Select this mode to scan text more crisply, particularly to process it in an OCR program. The lower the resolution, the more granular the scanned image.

Adjusting Color Settings Tab options (LiDE 20, 30, 35, 50, 80 and N670U, N676U, N1240U)

The density of these points is referred to as the “resolution” and measured as “dots per inch” dpi. The higher the resolution numberthe more detail in your image; the lower the resolution numberthe less detail. It expresses images in two colors, black and white.

I liked it and the scans are relatively fast and trouble free. It expresses images in colors 8 bits for each R edG reen and B lue color channel. Images to be printed n1240j be scanned at a resolution which corresponds to the resolution of the printer.

Select this mode when outputting photos and other items to a monochrome printer. This includes the brightness and contrast settings, monitor brightness adjustments gammaimage highlight and shadow settings and balance adjustments histogram, tone curve.


It expresses images in shades of gray grayscale and black and white, making a total of shades.

If the data is too large, processing speed will slow down significantly, and you may experience malfunctions such as lack of memory. Epson Perfection V Flatbed Scanner 6.

Canon CanoScan NU/NU/NU/NU Scanner Driver Mac OS X | Canon

This tab allows you to adjust the image brightness and color tones in extensive detail. Access this by clicking the ‘Preferences’ button on the Settings tab in Advanced Mode. You may also like. Select this mode to scan color documents that include text or charts in addition to color photos.

Color Mode and Output Scan Resolution are key areas that can affect the scan quality. There was one small issue: Select this mode to scan color photos. As this Canon flatbed scanner features a reliable computer connection, you can connect the scanner and store your scans on a computer or some other electronic storage device.

If at any time you experience undesired scan quality, it may be necessary to restore the default settings on the Color tab. As a general rule, n6766u should select a scanning resolution that corresponds to your final output device such as a monitor or printer.

Canon CanoScan NU Manuals

For document scans it’s not very important. Save on Scanners Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. Since the Canon NU features a practical contour, you can blend it into your work area effortlessly for improved space management. Scan with an Output N2140u between dpi and dpi. The data in the image you have scanned is a collection of dots carrying information about brightness and color. Select a Color Mode that corresponds to the scanned item and the purpose to which the scanned image will be put.


It expresses images in two colors only, black and white.

If you double the resolution, the image data will be four times greater. It uses a particular threshold value at which image data is either expressed as black or white, according to the brightness level.

For example, if nn676u are using a dpi color printer, you should scan your document at dpi. More Information about the Color Tab. For example, if you want to print a document which is twice the size vertically and horizontally, the resolution of your document will be reduced by half.

The default settings will generally be the best settings for your scans.